HAPACA studio Rental Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement

The following terms and conditions, along with the "Damage Charge Sheet" provided by HAPACA studio, constitute the entire agreement between the hirer and HAPACA studio ("HAPACA studio") for the rental of hand-painted backdrops and other fabric backdrops (the "Backdrops")

2. Rental Period

The rental period shall commence on the date the Backdrops are received by the hirer and conclude on the date the Backdrops are returned to HAPACA studio. Any extension of the rental period must be agreed upon in writing with HAPACA studio.

3. Payment

Payment for the rental, along with the acceptance of the "Damage Charge Sheet," must be completed before the dispatch of the Backdrops from HAPACA studio. Late returns will incur additional charges at a daily rate established by HAPACA studio.

4. Use of Backdrops

Backdrops rented from HAPACA studio are to be used only for the purpose intended and within the parameters set by HAPACA studio. Any alternative use must receive prior written consent from HAPACA studio.

5. Care and Preservation

The hirer agrees to handle the Backdrops with the utmost care to prevent damage or deterioration. The Backdrops should be kept clean and protected while in the hirer's possession.

6. Prohibited Actions

Applying adhesive tapes, paints, or any other damaging materials to the Backdrops is prohibited. The hirer shall not alter, modify, or attempt repairs on the Backdrops without prior approval from HAPACA studio.

7. Damage or Loss

Upon receipt, the hirer must inspect the Backdrops and report any existing damage to HAPACA studio. The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss incurred during the rental period and agrees to pay the costs outlined in the "Damage Charge Sheet" provided by HAPACA studio.

8. Return of Backdrops

Backdrops are to be returned on the agreed date in the same condition as received.

HAPACA studio will assess the condition upon return and may charge for cleaning or repairs as per the "Damage Charge Sheet."

9. Liability

HAPACA studio is not liable for any injuries, accidents, or damages resulting from the use of the Backdrops. The hirer agrees to indemnify HAPACA studio against any claims related to their use of the Backdrops.

10. Cancellations

Cancellations must be made at least24hrs prior to the rental start date for a full refund. Cancellations communicated to HAPACA studio after this period may be subject to a fee.

11. Privacy

HAPACA studio will use personal information collected from the hirer exclusively for rental transactions and will not share it with third parties, barring legal requirements.

12. Governing Law

The terms and conditions of this rental are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which HAPACA studio operates.

13. Acceptance

By renting Backdrops from HAPACA studio, the hirer acknowledges they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions herein and the provisions of the "Damage Charge Sheet´╗┐."