About us

In 2014, HAPACA studio began as the brainchild of two photographer friends, Martin and Dan, who were searching for quality hand-painted backdrops in Europe. Finding none, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, spending nearly a year experimenting with various textures, colours, and styles. Through trial and error, they taught themselves the craft and eventually created backdrops that they were truly proud of. This venture blossomed into our now thriving backdrop rental business.

But at HAPACA studio, it's not just about artistic creation. We're deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring that each backdrop is reused and transformed into a new work of art. Today, HAPACA studio isn't just about backdrops; we offer an eclectic range of fabrics to enhance any set or project. We represent a fusion of art and environmental consciousness, providing endless inspiration for creatives across Europe."

HAPACA┬« is a registered trademark of HAPACA studio Ltd. Photos of our backdrops are owned by HAPACA studio Ltd. All other images displayed are the property of their respective owners.